My Story

I was born close to the Andes Mountain range in Chile, South America, where the nature is magnificent; the presence of snow-capped mountains, the silent mystery of the Atacama Desert, the wild waves of Pacific Ocean and the aliveness of our lush native forests. All this deeply touched my heart and moved my spirit to connect with and share the ancestral wisdom of indigenous Cosmo-vision.

During my adolescence, I searched for a path to self-realisation and found the teachings and meditations of the great master Osho. For more than 30 years, I have been practicing them and through the grace of this experience, it is my joy share the medicine of these teachings which guide us into our inner stillness and loving action that springs from that Presence in our daily life.

After experiencing many challenges and breakthroughs into the sweetness of being alive, I discovered Devotional Tantra; where I realised that connecting with other beings through the power of surrender and vulnerability, can be a door way to experience the joy of unity of this cosmos (mahamudra).
My work focuses on the integration of these three ingredients; meditation, shamanism and devotional tantra. Through them, we can return to our original whole-ness and rejoicing of life, knowing that all rivers become one in the ocean of consciousness.. In my experience; under nature and love everything become one.

Honouring and giving thanks to Master, mentors, inspired and teachers.

  • OSHO, eternal gratitude for waking me up through meditations
  • Ma Ananda Sarita, The UK. Received The Tantra Essence Transmition)
  • Cóndor Blanco – Suryavan, Chile. Transmition of The Andes
  • Astiko, Spain. Inspiration about love and intimacy in Tantra
  • The Red Path – Rocky Sacred Native American woman and Aurelio Tepankali from México (The Sacred Pipe and Sweat Lodge transmition)
  • Sonia Gomez, Brazil (teacher in Somatic Experience td – trauma healing
  • Bert Hellinger (Familiar Constellations)
  • Homa and Mukto, Brazil (teachers in Conscious Tantra).
  • Peter and Dianna Delong, USA (teachers in Breath-work)

Eternal Gratitude to my parents, Lina and Alfonso for giving me the gift of life and my beloved carer Mamina

Official Bio

Ranjana – Co-creator of Tantric Tribal Woman in The UK, and Co-founder of Living Meditation, Osho Centro Activo in Chile.                                                                                                  

She works as a psychotherapist, and Tantra counsellor and facilitator in self-development for individuals and groups. From an early age, she felt a longing to experience life in all its dimensions, where everything is included as ONE, instead of split off from experience. In 1988, she learned about Osho´s Active Meditations and began practising them. Meditation transformed her life, bringing in greater sensitivity, expansion and love. At this time, Ranjana also began neo-shamanism training in the Andes Mountains where she experienced a deep connection with nature. Ranjana has also been living The Tantra Path since 2010, in which she has found unity and sacredness.               

After experiencing these paths for more than 25 years, she has brought together Asian traditions, Tantra, meditation and the indigenous cosmos-vision where life, love, death, and cycles of nature are living as one into the Great Spirit. Ranjana´s workshops aim to integrate them into the way we live our daily lives, even in urban environments.                                                                             

Currently, she lives and shares a new and fresh vision of human potential. She travels extensively, and has offered workshops in North, Central and South America, Spain, France, Greece, Estonia, India and The UK for the past 20 years.