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Leela Tantra Experience®

The Leela Tantra Experience is a 4-workshop program specifically designed to support you on an authentic journey to embrace life and live orgasmically.
Tantra is about love. Tantra embraces life in all its aspects. Tantra loves the human being, the man, the woman, YOU. Through this acceptance, celebration and love can unfold in every detail of your daily life.
Tantra takes you to live in a higher state of consciousness, transforming a mechanical life into a vital life experience, full of joy and expansion as well as grounding and presence.

What are we offering?

There is a wide variety of tools & methods we are using in these workshops.

* Tantra Meditation, Ritual & Ancient Wisdom

* Healing & Heart Opening

* Move beyond the Mind into Authentic Relating

* Breathwork

* Massage and Conscious Touch

* Dance & Movement

* Sharing Circles & Conscious Communication

* Awakening your Senses & Body Painting

* Connection with Nature

* Meditations inspired by Osho and Veeresh

What are the benefits?

By embracing tantra as your lifestyle, you will get:

  • More Aliveness & Vitality
  • Deeper Understanding of your Body and Energy Flow
  • Trust in your Instincts & Intuition to Make Conscious Decisions
  • Increased Sensitivity
  • Enhanced Natural Wildness & Creativity
  • Knowledge about Ancestral Tantra Wisdom
  • Integrated Meditations, Rituals and Tantra Method in your Daily Life
  • A Balance of Body, Mind & Emotions
  • A Fresh Imprint in your Somatic Memory
  • A Higher Quality of Life, Embracing its Simplicity and the many Flavors
  • More Fulfillment in your Sexuality through Presence & Love
  • A Coming Back Home to Nature and your Natural Self
  • Nourishing Connections, and Spiritual Intimacy between you and your Friends or Partners.
  • Experience what it means to Living Orgasmically

Module I,
“The Tantra Map”, Your Cosmic Blueprint for Living Fully

An ancient method to deeply understand the energies inside ourselves and in relation to others. This is a tantric journey into the chakras, exploring the dynamic and receptive polarities within. Through unblocking and reconnecting each chakra the energy can flow more freely inward and upward, creating a circle of love between the centres. With this flow, we can rejoice in life in all its variety.

  • Dive deeper into your own being, and the energy system in Tantra
  • Awaken your dormant life energy
  • Expand your energy and consciousness
  • Unblock and open your chakras from the root to the crown
  • Ground yourself in your roots and your own energy
  • Create a nourishing, fulfilling circle of union between the dynamic & receptive energies inside of you
  • Learn how simple it is to be spontaneous and sensual, when the flow of your life energy is moving upward and downward in a harmonic dance
  • Create a better understanding of the unique sexuality of women and men, bringing love and spirituality to your love making
  • Improve your breathing so you can absorb the juice of life, more life – less fear
  • Increase your awareness of your nervous and endocrine systems, improving your health and vitality
  • Create an orgasmic lifestyle through blossoming each chakra and the 5 elements within

Module II
“The Tantric Vision of the Body and the Senses”​

  • Rediscover the wisdom of your own body, including physical, etheric, emotional, mental, and mystic energetic fields
  • Unlock your true energetic potential
  • Recognise your body as a Temple; earth my body, water my blood, air my breath and fire my spirit
  • Honor desire and passion
  • Learn the 8 levels of consciousness in tantra, from senses to superconsciousness
  • Nourish your skin and soul through loving massage and gentle touch
  • Open your senses and absorb the natural and innocent beauty around
  • Heal insecurities and shame relating to your body and self-perception
  • Create safety to give and receive appreciation, and learn how to see yourself and others through the heart
  • Feel confident in your own temple, means start feeling more safe and confident in your body
  • Integrate micro-practices for your daily life, which supports you to be more and more present
  • Experience an ecstatic level of consciousness through body, senses and soul
  • Learn how to create a Sacred Temple for lovemaking
  • See the other human being as a Temple, a doorway to Mahamudra; the Great Gesture with existence

In Tantra the body is viewed as our temple and the senses are the doorways to enter within. Through this experience the nervous system is relaxing and the energy can move softly. We learn how to deeply listen to our body and become more sensitive, expanding our physical, vital and etheric energy. Being present in the senses and the body stops the mental narrative, and returns us to the simple and natural Being. By awakening cellular memory through the senses and body awareness, life is embraced in joy and gratitude.

Module III
“She and He are One” – The Sun and Moon within

We are discovering and exploring the integration of the inner masculine and feminine in a playful way. Tantra states that each woman carries an internal masculine, and each man an internal feminine. In ancient tantric teachings this is referred to as ‘Ardhanarishvara’. Science confirms what tantra discovered millennia ago, that we have 46 chromosomes, 23 come from the mother, and 23 from the father. This dance of bipolarity exists in every human being and in nature, such as the sun and the moon, day and night, winter and summer. This module will take you from duality to unity.

  • Balance female and male polarities within
  • Harmonise your energies of action and stillness
  • If you are a woman, you will discover and integrate your inner man
  • If you are a man, you will discover and integrate your inner woman
  • Go beyond the duality of mind, and become one
  • Transform male and female limited conditioning, to the true male and female essential qualities
  • Feel empathy and understanding in your relationships
  • Learn how to rise in love instead of “falling in love”
  • Live accordingly to the rhythm of the moon (female energy)
  • Live inspired by the sun cycles (male energies)
  • Experience the vast inner sky. No sun, no moon, rejoicing with the first morning, and the first evening star, timeless union

Module IV
“Devotional Tantra” – Union, Love & Meditation

Conscious sexuality, opening to Intimacy and Meditation as a doorway to Mahamudra, the great orgasm with the universe. In a loving and sincere way we are creating a safe space, allowing playfulness and trust to grow and return to the source of being. From here we expand our energy & consciousness to fully connect with ourselves and others in joy and presence.

  • Learn to share your energy with respect and totality
  • Bring the quality of meditation and presence into sexuality
  • Heal emotional wounds which prevent us to connect with ourselves and others
  • Decrease insecurities, shame, and stress relating to sexuality and intimacy
  • Start feeling more safe and authentic when you connect with others
  • Trust in your sensitivity & intuition, and allow yourself to be vulnerable
  • Increase self-awareness and intimacy with yourself
  • Share love and intimacy with partners, friends, and family
  • Experience more honest, mature love, and fulfilling relationships
  • See how much fun and expansion you will experience when you embrace meditations in your daily life.
  • Meditation and love are the doorway to your being

"Al despertar la memoria celular a través de los sentidos y la consciencia corporal, se abraza la vida en regocijo y gratitud". Ranjana

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