The Path of Rejoicing

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The Joy of Being One, a process of Integrative Somatic-therapy

This is an individual journey of sessions that involves: shamanic roots healing, somatic experience trauma healing, inner child work,  emotional wounds release, rebirthing-breathwork, and spiritual life coaching.

What people say?  “Ranjana´s soft presence and still very close and attentive, allow me to feel safe and go deep into our sessions. I also enjoy her feminine and fluid approach in holding space, and the mixture of shamanic and model psychotherapeutic methods she used. Good hands to drop into”  Maite Alonso, Yoga and Dance Teacher, Totnes, The UK

The work

The process begins with : 

* Ancestrology, taking the strength from your roots
* Releasing trans-generational traumas and patterns from your family system.

* Modern Shamanic healing 

* Embracing your inner child
* Reconnecting with your teenager.
* Melting frozen areas and numbness from your body and nervous system. 

* Experiencing aliveness, coming back to the life force
* Expanding your creativity and vision.
* Following and trusting your purpose of life.
* Integration

What is it used for?

It serves to bring conscious solutions to personal, family, couple, sexual, work or existential situations, that generate pain, confusion, fatigue, frustration or stress, and that may have their origin in childhood, the family system, or in experiences of shock throughout life.

These experiences often lead us to live in a state of compensation, which supplies a lack of confidence or self-love. We have learned to meet external demands and expectations, in fact to postpone our own performance; we have even forgotten how to listen to our inner voice.

The Objective

From a place of acceptance, we seek to arrive at the origin of these situations, with the aim of bringing resolution, clarity, and observation with loving-kindness, and take in the strength of our experiences. This reconnects us with the energy and flow of life, and with the conscious listening of our own needs and self-care.

The Benefits

Through a sequence of personal sessions, is suggested a minimum of 4, where meditation techniques are included, a synergy of transformation and transcendence of patterns that have sabotaged life is generated, and we return to a natural state where we are aware of our real center. All of this is in service of creating and living a life of happiness, fullness and vitality, our natural birth-right.


Tantra Counseling for singles and couples:

“Ranjana tantra method included Tha Tantra Map for men and women where your chakra system is integrated and nourished by the interaction between your nervius and endocrine systems, your body awareness and relaxation are growthed, and through undulled your senses the presence is expaned in your daily activities. The method support you to understand the connection between your inner dynamic and receptive aspects within, embracing the  bioelectricity and hormonal chemistry in your bodies. That created a balance within and in your relations.

Invest in your own healing, sessions last 90 mns long

4 Sessions: 340€ or pounds

8 Sessions: 560€ or pounds

12 Sessions: 780€ or pounds

Individual Session 95 € or pounds

Couple Session 150 € or pounds ( 120 mns)

Contact me for a FREE 30 minute consultation (info@ranjana.one)  

What people say?  “When I came to therapy with Ranjana, I was in a stage of changes in my life, but I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do. I used to think only with my mind I couldn’t find answers to the doubts I had about my future. We did some sessions Meditation, family constellations, etc. that helped me to reconcile, with my past, my family, my life and with myself, after that I learned to connect with my interior and ask the universe what I want and need, so I managed to get to know myself better and discover my mission in life.Finally, we did detailed work on how to implement my new life project, with all the necessary details to make it concrete. Definitely there is a before and after with therapy, I learned to feel and not only to think and this has connected me with my intuition and with my inner strength to take the reins of my life and co-create everything I need and desire. ” Nicoletta Bianchini Norambuena, Santiago of Chile

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