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Sweat Lodge Weekend

The Elemental Journey into Yourself

The Sweat Lodge or Temazcal (house of heat) is an ancient ritual for cleansing the body, mind and spirit and to re-connecting with The Great Spirit of nature. We begin this Journey with tribal dance, drum and song in the tipi, embracing nature within. We enter the lodge, The Universal Womb, where you can experience the power of the four elements; earth, water, air, and fire and deep into your being through four rounds of tribal connection, love and compassion, songs and a vast silence.

This experience is an opportunity to feel alive in your body, feel deep gratitude for the gift of life and leave with a fulfilled, happy heart. Ranjana comes fresh from the Andes bringing her passion for nature and the sweat lodge.

“During the summer I was fireman at the Sweat Lodge in the grounds of Osho Leela. The Sweat Lodge was facilitated by two Shaman, Ranjana and Tarisha with great love and awareness. I was helped at the fire by my friend Mel, together we collected the logs and gathered the rocks. We laid the fire a big cradle in line with entrance of SL. The participants were led in some beautiful rituals that connected us all. Then they all placed a rock on the fire, and we lit the fire, a truly magical moment. After two or more hours the rocks were red hot. When the Shaman were ready hot rocks were passed into the lodge one by one. what an experience for us outside tending the fire and rocks. Thank you”
Chris Prearse,
Gilligham, UK
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