I attended Ranjana and Tarisha’s Shamanic Women’s group and later their individual workshops at the sexuality gathering. Ranjana has a wonderful joy and wisdom about her. Ranjana worked beautifully with our group guiding us to see how kind, strong and thoughtful women could be with each other. I’ve applied the workshop learnings into massage and managing my feelings, especially to do with men. Her description of the chakras and how to balance heart, root and third eye chakras has transformed how I cope with the fear of rejection and has helped me to understand and respect my and other people’s boundaries. I have recommended her courses to other women as I think we all can benefit from understanding and standing in our special power as women. Love you Ranjana!!  Carlinda Roberts, New Zealand

I’ve now experienced three beautiful workshops by Ranjana. In each case, it was a magical experience, a really wonderful sense that you were benefiting from the wisdom of different ancient practices, all of which explored the same fundamental truths about the masculine and the feminine.
In the two workshops where I was with my partner, Ranjana’s wonderful facilitation helped us become even closer, and discover new ways to connect. We were no longer simply ourselves, but somehow tapped into a universal energy that manifested itself in our bodies. It really was special.” Stuart London, UK

“I experienced two workshops with Ranjana together with my partner and we absolutely loved them! A sense of deep connectedness within the group took place in a matter of minutes, which brought along an experience of ‘belonging’ & reconnection to oneself and to an ancestral field, to humanity, to the universe.

I felt held in a wider field beyond human capacity in which all layers of defence fell off where we can relate to one another from our pure hearts, open and already whole, connected with our powerful deeper centre filled with life force. This first workshop supported my sense of Inner Union with Divine Feminine and Masculine aspects within myself – a prerequisite for the full experience of Sacred Union of lovers.

What I particularly enjoyed was one playful part of the second workshop, where I ‘hunted’ my prey (my partner), me identifying myself as the fierce lioness (who I am!) … what a relief once I allowed myself to sense this huge energy within myself which I see as life force/sexual energy/passion! The last part of the second workshop we melted into love with one another, I recognised that practice as one of Sacred Union – aligning all the chakras with my partner into resonance, allowing that life force expanding up through our hearts which by that time felt as one heart field and eventually becoming ONE with the universe itself.

I wish everyone on this planet could experience this … we ARE love.Thank you Ranjana for your deep wisdom, you truly are a gift to all of us! “   Martha Egger, Craniosacral Therapist and Facilitator of Sacred Union Alchemy™LONDON, UK

In this retreat, I felt so empowered and nurtured, gently yet powerfully supported to embody my feminine power and ecstacy with just enough ‘On the edge-ness’ to take me to new territories while still feeling very held… Unveiling many layers of resistance and conditioning along the way, which needed to be brought to the light. It was so blissful to spend time in nature and ceremony with women I felt so deeply safe with. I feel I came away knowing what being a woman is on a much deeper level, and with practices and perspectives I can use in my daily life (which I have been doing). I felt constantly captivated by the varied and fascinating content of the teachings and was blown away by the wisdom and love of Ranjana and Tarisha, who were so honest and open as well as knowledgeable. The musical element brings was a distinctively delicious flavour added to an already very nourishing brew. It’s utterly unlike anything I’ve experienced before… I will be back for more! ”  Khalsa Morgan Nochols, UK.